Tracking your time

As a consultant, you are expected to track your hours regularly. The most common way is to do this weekly. By clicking on the 'clock' symbol or calendar you open your timesheet.


  1. In your timesheet you can use this button to submit your hours.

  2. Here you can see the amount of hours you are supposed to track.

3. Here you will see the budget you have for this specific project. When you hover over the 'i' you can see the amount of hours you have spent and still have left.

4. The different types of hours you can track on this project, if you hover over the name you will also see if these hours are billable or non billable.

If you want to add a comment to your worked hours, you can do this with the "enter" key. You can also leave a comment at the bottom of the screen. In addition to regular hours, you can also track time on tasks. Tasks can be internal hours, illness, holidays and all other non-project related hours.

Activity groups

You are also able to track time if you are part of an activity group assignment. If there are several employees in this group, you could have a joint budget. Many of our customers work with activity groups. Activity groups work especially well if you have long-term projects that do not require work on a daily / weekly basis.

You activate an activity group assignment by clicking on the '+' sign in the right hand corner. After choosing the right project and activating you can start tracking time.

Every week this project disappears from the timesheet and when you have to work on this project again you can easily re-activate the project again. The advantage of this is that you do not see the inactive projects in your timesheet every time.

Timesheet and reports

If the customer requires a timesheet from you, you can download it at the reports section.

Click on the pie chart to view or download the timesheet and other reports assigned to you.

Do you have questions about tracking your time?

Please contact your application manager or chat with us.

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