In your timesheet you can track the hours you have spent on projects and tasks. Tasks can be found at the bottom of your timesheet.

Tasks are used in LIFT because you need to account for all hours in your employment contract. Tasks are hours that are not worked for a customer, but must be accounted for. For example, holiday, sickness, or work on an internal project. The main reason to account for all hours is to get an insight in overtime, your holiday budget and overall time spent working.

General task: a general task is available for all employees. Naturally, tasks can always be switched off for specific groups of employees. A good example are the hired workers (self-employed), because they most likely do not have to account for holidays.

Specific task: you assign a specific task to one or more specific employees for a specific period. Think of "maternity leave" or a specific "internal task".

National holiday: When a national holiday falls on a weekday, it is important to account your time on the task "national holiday" instead of "holiday". Time spent on a national holiday will not be subtracted from your holiday budget.

It is possible that your organization has chosen to work with holiday requests. If this is the case you have to request time for tasks in advance.

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