Holiday overview

You track your project hours, but also your holiday, illness and other tasks in your timesheet. LIFT calculates for you how many vacation days you have left. Your current holiday status is therefore determined by the amount of holidays you write in your timesheet.

We recommend that you always add a description to your holiday, so that in the future you will quickly know which holiday recording belongs to which holiday. The accrual of your vacation days is determined by the total number of vacation days in your contract.

Your contract can be found under the P&O tab in your employee card. In the screenshot below you can see that we have calculated several variables for you.


In the holiday overview tab we show four counters.

1. Holiday amount "current year" (until today)

Here we show the total amount of holidays you have right now. Start position on "January 1 current year": These are your holidays at the start of this year.

Accrued in period: Suppose you get 25 vacation days per year, then LIFT adds 25/365 days = 0.068 days per day to your total holiday amount.

Recorded in period: In the column 'current year', you can see exactly which holidays you have taken this year. These are also shown in detail in block 3.

Correction: When a correction is made to your holiday overview, you will always see it. A correction can be positive or negative. A positive correction means that you have added or purchased holidays. A negative correction means that you have handed in or sold holidays. If you do not see a correction, then no correction has been made to your holiday amount. If you hover over the correction you will see the reason for the correction.

End position on "current day": This is the amount of holidays you have at the end of the current day.

2. Holiday amount "current year" (after today)

In this block, we explain where you can see exactly how many holidays you will have on the 31st of December.

Planned start position: These are your holidays at the beginning of the next day, i.e. tomorrow.

Planned accumulation in period: Here we show the holiday build-up in a year divided by the number of days remaining in the current year. In short, how many vacation days do you have over the remaining time of the year.

Planned usage in period: Here we show the holidays already taken that are in the future, but within the current year. In block 4 you see your planned holidays. In this example, you see that the employee goes to Spain for 2 weeks in August. So that is 10 vacation days that will be deducted from the vacation mode.

Planned final score at "end of current year": The planned start position + planned build-up in period - planned recording in period is shown here. If you no longer take a holiday in this year, you will therefore have 19.5 vacation days.

3. Holiday history "current year"

Here you find the days and hours you have already used in the current year.

4. Holiday planning "current year"

If you have already planned a holiday by requesting time off it will show in the planning.

Do you have any questions about your holiday overview?

Please contact your application manager or chat with us!

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